Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday's Musings...

Rutgers is 12th in the BCS? The BCS is based on formulas and a huge component is the human polls where supposed "experts" list their top 25 teams... Do you really think that there are only 11 teams in the nation better than the boys in Jersey? That LSU, Wisconsin or Oklahoma, all of which are ranked behind Rutgers, would lose in a bowl game? That the game would even be close?? It's great that Rutgers is undefeated but beating a 3-5 UConn team by only 11 at home is not the same as the rough league schedules that other teams face. I'd rather have my team lose by 3 to a team like THE Ohio State University or Michigan than to win against the cupcakes that Rutgers (who used to be their own cupcake) has played this year... Give me a call in December when Rutgers has two losses courtesy of real teams like Louisville and West Virginia... Rutgers wouldn't be within two touchdowns in a bowl game to ANY team in the top 25!

F. Adu... he's still Mr. Future of Soccer because after yesterday's game, we know that he's not the present of soccer... Standing around, not going for the ball, terrible decision making and please, Freddie, go to your right for once!! And if he's such a "huge star" and a game-changing player, why was pulled when DC needed a goal most? When the game was on the line, where was F.A.?? On the bench! You wouldn't have Jordan/Ovechkin/Ruth/Elway on the bench during these critical moments, would you?!

The Caps practice facility in Arlington gets a name this week which shows that we are one step closer to actually opening the place. Two rinks and tons o' fun!!

After much debate and inner reflection, I have decided on one female to direct all of my attention and give her my heart. However, even though she has stated an interest in me and we've spent many evenings together out on the town, I am yet to secure that magical first kiss. Here's the dilemma: neither one of us are into PDA and since we've only ever spent time in public, it makes it very difficult to "make a move". Add to that the fact that I live over an hour away from D.C. and time out of the public eye is very limited. Any suggestions as to how I go about landing that first kiss??

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