Sunday, November 26, 2006

Losing Stinks!!

What will happen first: A Caps win or my next date with Ms. Softball a.k.a. the unkissable girl?
A kiss or the Caps winning in the shootout?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let the countdown begin...

It's midnight Sunday evening...

That means:
Less than 96 hours until Turkey Day!!
Less than 72 hours until the next Caps home game (v. ATL...hanging with the A-T-L, baby!)
Less than 15 hours until yummy lunch at Charlie Palmer's overlooking the Capital building...

And the most anticipated countdown in the history of the world:
Less than 48 hours until THE date that will define the relationship, guide the ship (hopefully in the right direction) and earn me back my "man card". I believe that Al Michaels and John Madden are scheduled to provide coverage of this truly historic event!

Sports news:
Soriano gets paid (Cha-ching!) and becomes a lovable loser with the Cubs...
Donovan has a boo-boo on his knee and will miss the rest of the season for the Eagles...
Maryland Potatoes lose again despite having J.C. as the starter!
The Seahawks lost but will finally have both Shaun and Matt back (and are still in first place!)
Caps lose again in OT in Beantown but are still averaging 1.1 points per game which will put them just outside of the playoffs this year. If they can perform a little better in the shootout and get a lucky bounce or two in OT, I think that they will be participating in some bonus hockey this year.

Both look good in a tuxedo but Happy Feet nudges out Casino Royale at the box office this weekend. I'm excited to see both of these movies as well as Borat over the next week.

Random thought: If Flower Girl keeps using me for different favors, is it okay for me to use her back for free stuff and tickets? If both parties use each other and know that they are doing it, does it make it okay?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Potatoes, Sunshine and Happiness

The Maryland Potatoes picked up a huge win this weekend with a wild play of a block of an attempted field goal by the Cowboys. I was surprised by the number of fans that were flocking from FedEx Field during the 4th quarter even though the outcome was far from decided. Mr. Snyder, when someone throws up in the middle of the walkway during the first quarter, I would like to see this mess cleaned up sometime during the game! Walking past stale vomit does NOT expand my football experience. Also, the prices are a little too high including $4 for a bag of peanuts the same size that they serve on an airline!

D.C. United: I love you but you can't just mail in the 2nd half of the regular season then expect to turn on the magical "superstar" switch for the playoffs. The team struggled in the regular season and those same struggles stalked the team during the short playoff run. Coach, why in the name of Thor's hammer would you take out Adu, your best playmaker today, to try and "create a spark" for the team? You don't need a spark when you already have fire (Adu). No wonder the kid wants to pack his bags and head to Europe.

The Caps finally won in Philly but they should have won the game on Friday against division leading Atlanta. Hopefully our boys will develop that killer instinct as the season goes on. Next game: Monday against the Ottawa Senators.