Monday, July 16, 2007

WTF?! Seriously, WTF?!?

A sign that the world is close to an end:

Electronic Arts (EA) and Jostens today announced the introduction of rings based on a player’s level on “Madden NFL 08,” which will be available August 14. The rings can be customized to match a player’s advancement through five levels of the game. When a player reaches level three, the ring can be bought through Jostens’ Web site with a code provided within the videogame. Rings will range in price from $149-495

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ice in the summer

It's difficult to think about ice hockey in the middle of July but the Washington Capitals rookies have been on the ice for the past two mornings and are looking great. Backstrom, Alzner and friends have been working hard and showing off their amazing skills. The NHL will release the 07-08 season schedule tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait until hockey season!!

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