Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh what a night!!

It's fun to go out, meet people, mingle, smile and have a grand ol' time...

But sometimes it's nice to have some quality alone time... like I had tonight.

Sitting out on the deck, underneath the stars, smoking a Cuban and listening to some great music. Very calming and relaxing... Relaxing is something that I haven't tried in a looooooooong time so it was great to do that this evening. Alone time to think, unwind and stare at the stars! They twinkle so far away yet I still try to reach for them.

So what's the first thing I do now that I'm relaxed?? I write my blog, of course! Thanks to DCSC and Buggie for getting me hooked on this!


Law-Rah said...

I do heart my alone time, but yours sounds like pure heaven.

As for your budding addiction to blogging. Just wait until the day some tow truck in downtown DC is taking your car away and you are running after it during rush hour and the only thing you can think of is how great of a blog post it will be. THEN, my friend, you have a problem:-)

DCSportsChick said...

Bwah! Law-rah's right on that one!

VP of Dior said...

what kind of music were you listening to? kevin federline?? hahah ;)

Buggie said...

Aw! We're glad we broke you so easily!
Yeah, it is pathetic what I try to remember so I can race home and tell ya'll about it.