Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of the year...

This past year had its ups and downs but I definitely feel that I am better off this New Year's than last year at this same time... I am no longer in the relationship that sucked away my soul and took my life spirit out of my body. For some reason, I stayed with someone that didn't support me personaly and professionally; someone that was greedy and self-centered and wanted more from me...Nothing was ever, EVER good enough for her. But for some reason, I stuck around and tried to develop something...even when she tried to change me (and not necessarily for the best) She didn't support me and she even suggested that I should stop chasing my dreams and to just settle so that she could be happy. So I thought that I was happy but this was a facade as I was fooled into think that I was happy. But let's fast forward to the present as I'm very happy with my job, with my new friends (and my old friends too) and with the outlook on my future. I think that 2007 will still have its ups and downs but I'm excited about the possibilities and I have confidence in saying that next year at this time I'll be in a better place and very happy.

Wih the goal that I scored on the ice at Verizon Center a couple of weeks ago, I can cross something off of my life's to do list: I have scored on the professional fields of play for 5 major sports including catching a touchdown pass at Ravens Stadium, hit a home run at Fenway Park, a goal at RFK and a layup at a few NBA arenas. :) I have been very blessed and am very thankful for the people and groups that have made my dreams come true.

Hopefully I will be as lucky in love in 2007 as I have been in other endeavors in the past (Yes Frank, I love you too but I have eyes for another...)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another week...

After a meeting that lasted a little more than an hour, I have a new respect for GMGM. Not only is he very knowledgeable about the sport of hockey, he is smart in how he deals with people. He understands that being a GM for a professional sports franchise isn't just about getting the best players (often the great parts do not result in a great team, just ask the Redskins), but is a just like any other business where interpersonal relationships are key. He understands that he may get the best of another team's GM today, but that can only lead to trouble down the road. He also understands that patience is a very positive trait to have especially in the "what have you done for me lately" world of sports.

Despite being the only person over the age of six that fell on the ice, I had a great time at our company holiday party. Thanks to Clark for letting me use his stick to attempt my first slap and wrist shots as well as my somewhat decent passing and receiving skills. Hopefully after lots of practice I will have a better showing at next year's party. And I don't care what anyone says, I could beat Ovie in a skating race!

Back on the personal front, Softball Girl and I went to a Caps game one night before the holidays and went to see the National Christmas Tree another night. The tree evening included a nice holiday dinner at Hard Rock with yummy Mac n' Cheese. She's out of town for the rest of the holidays and yes, I actually do miss her. She is amazing and there is just something about her that makes me very warm and fuzzy inside.

More updates coming soon as I promise this page will have postings more often...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's finally update time

Sorry that it has been a while since my last posting but things have been crazy with things in the office (a four game winning streak!), the holidays (too much turkey!) and some crazy nights out on the town (I slept where?!)…

I started this blog with the idea that my focus would be on sports with a some random anecdotes thrown in…It obviously has turned out to be the other way around…

But let’s update matters of my heart first… The Caps winning a game happened before my next date with softball girl… The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, she was busy packing to go home so we didn’t go out before Thanksgiving but I did get a very nice little Thanksgiving greeting from her on that Thursday…

Despite Brash challenging the entire Thrashers lineup to fights, I left the game early and headed home to see some longtime friends. It was great catching up with people but I can’t believe that I paid $10 to get into a club in Western Maryland! I don’t pay that much in D.C.! There is nothing like the comfort of spending time with the “Home Team” enjoying the evening with laughs, stories and some bad dancing. After surviving a Thanksgiving meal with the family, “Home Team” reunited to start what I am sure will become a Thanksgiving tradition across this country: that’s right, we went to a strip club. Let me tell you, some of the saddest, loneliest people in the entire world can be found in a strip club on the night of a holiday, trying to forget their troubles in a glass of beer and finding happiness in the Champagne Room.

Friday night, it was back to work as the Caps lost another game but “Home Team” was in the arena. I made the mistake of sitting them in the players’ family section so Newbs and JK were busy gawking at their fellow fans. Plus their necks were strained from trying to take in every single Puck Bunny in sight!

The following Tuesday began a trend of going out for “just one drink” but staying out until very early the next morn… The “Caps Rat Pack” (Thanks to Harry for the moniker) headed to our usual watering hole to help me take my mind off of what happened earlier in the day. Softball girl pulled out the old “let’s be friends” line… WHAT?!? Let’s be friends?? I already have friends and I would consider her a friend but I was looking for more than that… Someone that I can share stories and laughter with, someone to throw snowballs at then sit by the fire with her in my arms…is that too much to ask?! So we moved from the drinking establishment to VC for the Wizards game… Most people go to the arena with the intention of entering the seating bowl and actually watching the game; not us! We walked around the concourse and up to the Dewar’s Club, just drinking, laughing and having a grand ol time. Things might have gotten just a little out of hand when JB had to hold up a wall and when gravity was (successfully) attempting to tip her drink over.

Wednesday I was supposed to attend a happy hour with my championship winning softball team (yes, the same team that has a roster spot for Softball Girl) but I ditched to deal with some things with a potential sponsor of ours. (Greenie is happy because of this!)

Thursday was another hockey game followed by another trip to Clydes where I got the chance to meet the Southern Accent girl, Hot-is-she-pregnant girl and random girl. Out til way too late once again.

But Friday was one of THOSE nights where I was definitely “That Guy”. Happy Hour with people from work at the ESPNZone, lots of fun and games and yummy food. I was going to head home when someone found my Achilles heel: sushi and karaoke! So after meeting Karaoke Girl, defending the duct tape microphone from angry girl and eating WAY too much sushi, I woke up in my car in the parking garage. Argh! At least I was smart and safe that evening. So I left the parking garage, drove home, showered and turned around to drive back to work! ARGH! Another night out after our game then up at 8am for tailgating at the Maryland Potatoes game on Sunday. By the time I got home, it was sleepy time for me. So that was 4 games in six days with a 45 minute karaoke performance thrown in there.

This week was much more low-key and I was beginning to not really think about any ladies until I was asked out by Softball Girl for Thursday and I ran into Book Girl after the Caps game last night. The date was straight out of a movie: when we reached the top of the stairs at the metro stop, the snow flurries were gently falling to Earth. We picked up our pottery pieces in Cleveland park then went window shopping and to dinner in Pentagon City. No kiss, just friends, remember?

At my kindergarten graduation, every student had to stand up and read some cute line from a book, cartoon or movie. My quote was from Peanuts: “True love is being able to spot her from across the playground.” I will never forget that quote. It was very applicable last night as my heart skipped a beat when Book Girl walked past me at the crowded bar. Since I was sporting the “winning streak beard”, I don’t think she recognized me at first. Of course, she was in the back room surrounded by VIPs. But she still gave me the time of day and a hug (what a fantastic hug!). She was actually the last person that I kissed (a great kisser and someone that I feel a connection with whenever I’m around her). She does seem to yo-yo my heart and seems very upfront about things… Now only if she had a little more time for me…