Monday, November 06, 2006

Potatoes, Sunshine and Happiness

The Maryland Potatoes picked up a huge win this weekend with a wild play of a block of an attempted field goal by the Cowboys. I was surprised by the number of fans that were flocking from FedEx Field during the 4th quarter even though the outcome was far from decided. Mr. Snyder, when someone throws up in the middle of the walkway during the first quarter, I would like to see this mess cleaned up sometime during the game! Walking past stale vomit does NOT expand my football experience. Also, the prices are a little too high including $4 for a bag of peanuts the same size that they serve on an airline!

D.C. United: I love you but you can't just mail in the 2nd half of the regular season then expect to turn on the magical "superstar" switch for the playoffs. The team struggled in the regular season and those same struggles stalked the team during the short playoff run. Coach, why in the name of Thor's hammer would you take out Adu, your best playmaker today, to try and "create a spark" for the team? You don't need a spark when you already have fire (Adu). No wonder the kid wants to pack his bags and head to Europe.

The Caps finally won in Philly but they should have won the game on Friday against division leading Atlanta. Hopefully our boys will develop that killer instinct as the season goes on. Next game: Monday against the Ottawa Senators.

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chanuck said...

United played well for 85 mins during that game. It was the couple minutes in the begining that killed them. I am still not convince that Adu is total fire.
Great to see Caps win in Philly, but that game against the trashers was total ass.