Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clutch goals, Happy returns and.... Polka Music??

Seriously, you meet someone and hit it off...they are having a good time, you are having a good time, everyone is laughing and full of sunshine... Great evening of free tickets, good food and great company. So how would you end the evening?? With a coworker shoving his hand down some girl's shirt and bra!! Not the typical end of the evening! The evening started with a nice happy hour and drinking with the Caps' enforcer. Some fun stories and a bar later, "the incident" happened. Hopefully, all parties have resolved the issue and we can move in a positive direction. Plus, I have more free tickets.

Glad to have "Little Newb" back in the U.S. after a very successful tour of Iraq. Regardless of your view of whether we should be there or not, we need to support our troops. I'm very proud of everything "Little" did and I'm glad that he was welcomed back with open arms (and a great picnic).

Nothing against polka music or flute instrumentals, but they don't belong at a hockey game. No wonder the players looked so uninterested in the game!! Nothing gets you fired up like some polka before a face-off. Attendance was surprisingly strong especially considering there were home games for the Ravens, Redskins and the Nationals. Less than a week until the regular season home opener!!

Sorry, nothing too juicy or exciting today; the Seahawks lack of an offense is bringing me down! :(


DCSportsChick said...

Hey, I want to drink with the Caps' enforcer! You do all the fun stuff!!!

Law-Rah said...

You had me at "plus, I have more free tickets."