Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Football and Drinks

I had the chance to attend the Boswell launch event to night at Play bar/club/human torture chamber. As I have preached for the last decade, women (for the most part) that follow soccer players are very attractive. Tonight's crowd was no different as there was the additional plus going out to all of the tall ladies "in the house". However, the really mean, ugly and scary chick in the blue shirt should not have been invited; if you can't smile, relax about the occasional bump from others and just have a good time, you shouldn't be at a sports mixer/promotion party/cleat chaser event. The only thing worse than her attitude was the DJ. The music was TOO LOUD, his "mic work" needed lots of work, his ADHD needs to be controlled as some people like to listen to more than just 15 seconds of a song and oh, by the way, play some music that the room will enjoy. Instead of DJ Grandmaster Flex, Bobby had DJ I-am-going-to-try-to-dress-like-a-DJ-but-still-somehow-play-music-like-I-have-no-idea-what-decade-I'm-in. As for the guest of honor, Mr. Boswell was very nice, took time to chit-chat and pose for photos with fans and even got on the microphone to thank everyone for their help.

I'd also like to take a quick moment to give a Blogout to Mr. Steinberg over at THE Sports Bog for having the amazing skill of being able to interview those in line while still somehow being able to appear manly while holding the Canadian gift bag of stereotypes. Just don't hurt yourself while chugging that maple syrup, Dan.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


30 seconds left and XU just score to tie the game!!

BYU brings it down the court and calls time out…

Ainge takes a shot, rebound BYU then another quick shot but no good, rebound to Lavender. He’s fouled with 11.2 left in the game. He goes to the line and calmly hits both! Time out and CBS zooms in on the XU cheerleaders. Sadly, the Xavier squad was made for radio.

BYU brings the ball up, Ainge is bringing the ball up the court but is taking WAY TOO MUCH TIME. He drives down the middle, missed lay-up, clock ticks, ball on the floor, bodies flying, BYU puts up a shot and it goes in as the buzzer sounds…too bad they need four points, not just two!


Bring on Thad and his Buckeyes. So what if Thad cashed in his XU chips at the height of Xavier basketball for his current gig with THE Ohio State University and their star player, the one-handed Oden? So what if OSU has one of the poorest graduation rates in the country? So what if their “student”-athletes don’t even attend most classes??

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My First Time

Tonight is my first ever hockey game. I'm a little nervous and still sore from practice but hopefully it will be okay. And since the game is outdoors, I'm really excited that it is the coldest day of recent days. Hopefully my game will be hot to warm me up. Or at least I'll play well enough to not embarrass myself. Update coming soon.