Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That's cute!

I'm sure that Steinberg will have more on this later, but the Washington Capitals are hosting a photo shoot at the present moment on their practice rink at the Kettler IcePlex. Is it of a new rookie or recently signed free agent? No. Is Slapshot showing off his new uniform? Nope.

The Caps are helping making the wishes of an engaged couple come true as the couple is having the photo for their wedding announcement shot on the ice in the new Caps uniforms. There are some great shots of the bride-to-be "checking" the groom into the boards and locking him up in the penalty box. It's a cute idea for the announcements and shows how passionate the Caps fans are at times. I'm just wondering if they will name their first child Alex...

Monday, July 16, 2007

WTF?! Seriously, WTF?!?

A sign that the world is close to an end:

Electronic Arts (EA) and Jostens today announced the introduction of rings based on a player’s level on “Madden NFL 08,” which will be available August 14. The rings can be customized to match a player’s advancement through five levels of the game. When a player reaches level three, the ring can be bought through Jostens’ Web site with a code provided within the videogame. Rings will range in price from $149-495

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ice in the summer

It's difficult to think about ice hockey in the middle of July but the Washington Capitals rookies have been on the ice for the past two mornings and are looking great. Backstrom, Alzner and friends have been working hard and showing off their amazing skills. The NHL will release the 07-08 season schedule tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait until hockey season!!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vote Early, Vote Often!

Despite being a 20 seed in the Hot Blogger Bracket (sponsored by ladies...), I feel that with your support I can pull the greatest upset in the history of sports!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Old School sports

So as I approach my 28th birthday this week, I find that two of my favorite participation sports are dodgeball and kickball. The thing that I love about kickball is the social aspect of the game; being able to meet new people and interact in a very personal way which is something missing with other sports and in this city. It is often difficult to play a sport and still communicate with the other team since there is so much emphasis on not only winning but in beating your opponent. We still want to win every game but once the competition is over, we all head to the bar to become friends.

I heart kickball!

Friday, May 04, 2007

I think Mr. Ed would be against this!

Apparently the horses are unable to form a union to protect their rights:

For the first time, all 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby were administered surprise tests for performance-enhancing drugs. Waterman said testing has been difficult, in part because the drugs can be detected in a horse's system only three to five days after being ingested, but the effects last longer.
He said there was uncertainty whether three days before the race is the right time to test a horse. But, added Waterman, "It's better than post-race, I'll tell you that much."

So the NFL and MLB need prior permission to test their athletes and aren't forthcoming with the results but Derby officials can (not-so-randomly) test their athletes. In both cases, the health and safety, as well as the image of the sports, are the main reason for the testing. I believe that especially MLB should follow the lead of the horse industry.

Also this weekend, The Fight that "will save boxing" takes place in Vegas at the MGM Grand which has become the Mecca for great fights. I think that Saturday could go down as one of the greatest days EVER!!! Derby, potential for a great fight AND Cinco de Mayo?!?!?! The stars have aligned! (Hopefully the horses will not 'roid rage and attack each other!)