Monday, October 02, 2006

Fantasy life?

Despite being toward the bottom in points in my fantasy football league, my team, The Thunder Thighs, are going to be 3-1 on the year! I still think 14 teams is too big of a league; it restricts free agency and every trade is a lopsided one. But fantasy football got me to thinking...
What if we fantasy other things? Like you could win cash or prizes based on your team's performance in random measuring points, like:

- Coworkers' consumption of alcohol (big bonuses for shots)
- Friends failed relationships (points for who breaks up with whom)
- Your commute to work (you'd drive faster if you knew it affected your fantasy team)
- The amount of work actually completed in the office (versus spending time surfing the net or writing in a blog!)

I'd actually spend the time ranking my coworkers and friends based on how many fantasy points they were worth to me! What would happen if their fantasy based value was more important than their credit score or other measuring stick already established in our society??

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