Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mr. Roboto and free fallin' in the draft

This is for Laura who is currently holding my first child hostage until I update my blog...

Dice-K was the talk of MLB, Boston and Japan today but who stole the show? That's right, the newest Mariners' ace, King Felix! Felix tossed a one-hitter to quiet the crowd and the frenzied Japanese media. Go M's!

Speaking of Japan:
So if you are Japanese and are playing a baseball game in Japan for a Japanese team and you speak Japanese, in what language would your name be on the back of your jersey?
Dice-K vs. Ichiro
So we import Japanese cars but export uniform lettering? Doesn't seem like the most fair trade to me, but then again, I'm not an economics specialist!

First, Mr. Junior Red Wing was resigned and now this!! Could anything else happen to the poor Caps this offseason? There was an 8% chance that they would drop in the draft and of course, that is what happened. Supposedly, there are only 4 decent players in this years draft (No Ovie or Crosby-esque players here) but the NHL draft isn't like the other leagues' drafts; NHL teams tend to draft by best available and NHL-readiness and not necessarily how a player fits into their system.
Speaking of hockey, from the Colbert Report: "I just figured out the difference between baseball and hockey: baseball is the one with all of the Hispanics."

And speaking of baseball:
I think that the Expos were better playing in Puerto Rico than in Washington, D.C.!!!