Thursday, March 15, 2007


30 seconds left and XU just score to tie the game!!

BYU brings it down the court and calls time out…

Ainge takes a shot, rebound BYU then another quick shot but no good, rebound to Lavender. He’s fouled with 11.2 left in the game. He goes to the line and calmly hits both! Time out and CBS zooms in on the XU cheerleaders. Sadly, the Xavier squad was made for radio.

BYU brings the ball up, Ainge is bringing the ball up the court but is taking WAY TOO MUCH TIME. He drives down the middle, missed lay-up, clock ticks, ball on the floor, bodies flying, BYU puts up a shot and it goes in as the buzzer sounds…too bad they need four points, not just two!


Bring on Thad and his Buckeyes. So what if Thad cashed in his XU chips at the height of Xavier basketball for his current gig with THE Ohio State University and their star player, the one-handed Oden? So what if OSU has one of the poorest graduation rates in the country? So what if their “student”-athletes don’t even attend most classes??

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