Friday, January 26, 2007

Hockey Song

Sadly, the best thing about watching Friday night's Caps game against Carolina was the action off of the ice. Once again, the theme of the loss was penalties. Hopefully the Caps will play better (and smarter) at home in the Phone Booth on Saturday evening against... the Hurricanes AGAIN!! At least this time Olie will be in goal defending us from the forces of evil! Speaking of evil, guess who's going to be attending the "Hockey Night in D.C." game:

Kimberly McCullough rejoined the cast of General Hospital in October 2005, when the character of Robin Scorpio - now a doctor living in Paris - returns to Port Charles where she is urgently needed. Upon her arrival, she immediately finds herself crossing paths with many friends and family from her past.

That's right... Kimberly and her fellow soap star, Jason Thompson, will be cheering the Caps on to victory. Hopefully when they are on the Jumbotron, they won't give the typical soap opera star looking: staring off into the distance, wondering if they left the oven on. Then again, after the recent performances of the Caps, I would understand if their minds started to wander.

Could Versus have even tried to make the All-Star festivities interesting?! I know that they don't have the audience reach as a major TV network but they could at least get cameras that work or even hire people that have prior experience with these types of events. During both the rapid fire shooting contest and the shootout, the network switched to a camera that showed to employees sweeping the ice. So we have the best hockey players in the world including The Whiner, displaying the speed and grace of this amazing sport but the viewers don't get the chance to see that; instead, we are treated to the thrilling action of Joe and Steve preparing the ice at the opposite end of the rink!

The Kettler IcePlex is B-E-A-utiful... too bad the offices aren't completed yet. Thursday was my first visit out there since the pre-ice days in July. It's amazing to see how much a little paint and ice can change a place. All I need to do now is learn how to skate and I'll be all set!

There's a new team in town, the Chesapeake Tide! 7-on-7 football? I know from personal experience that the Show Place Arena has had trouble keeping a long term sports team. I think that it is a decent facility, just not the ideal location for such a pro sports team to set its roots. I think non-NFL football leagues are a great idea and that there is a market for such a product in this area and I'll try to make it out to a couple of teams. Ambition and a smart business plan should make this a strong team with good fan support. They had over 150 fans show up for their meet the team party this past week.

Thanks to the advice of my dear friend (that never hangs out anymore!), I have decided to open up my eyes and be receptive to the possibility that there might be another woman for me. Apparently, there might be a couple: Beer Girl and CEO Girl have now entered my life! Beer Girl is fun, easy to talk with and has a very relaxed demeanor. Meanwhile, CEO Girl is HOT and also easy to carry a conversation with. If I have time this weekend away from work, I might actually try to spend some time with one of them.

Speaking of new girls, if only there were some device that I could use to display the photo of the beautiful woman in my life.


Law-Rah said...

Never hangs out where? I hang out! By the way, my roommate is taking skating lessons at the new rink. I want to go check it out one of these days since it is within walking distance. Maybe we can "hang out."

DCSportsChick said...

Don't feel bad, Law-rah doesn't hang out with me either! :-(

Was wondering who the Tide were when I saw the booth at the auto show today...