Monday, September 25, 2006

Happiness is out there...somewhere...right?

As any other great tale that you've heard in the past, this story involves a boy and a girl. The boy (tall, dark and well, two out of three isn't bad) and the girl (very smart, fun, beautiful with a great sense of humor) met a couple of weeks ago. The boy wasn't sure at first since he just enjoys meeting new people and loving life. But the girl flashed a smile and flicked her hair (just like in the shampoo ads) and the boy's heart skipped a beat. She's amazing, but not US Weekly or People Magazine amazing....NO, she's better than that...she's the reason that poetry was invented and why men climb mountains. He feels like the king of the castle when he walks by her side and the world melts away when he looks deeply into her eyes. The boy isn't looking for a declaration of love at this point, rather, he'd like a signal so that he knows that she is interested in him.

My ideal relationship, as in the person that I'd marry, would be the ultimate in "Friends with Benefits". It would be a person that I'd be best friends with, someone that I have a great time with, can make me smile, can challenge me and can say so much without making a peep... someone that makes me want to be a better person, someone that I can travel the world with or read the Sunday paper with... oh and that I would want to give lots of hugs and kisses

On that note, think how easy dogs have it... They walk up to each other, sniff each others' butts and if they like what they smell, they go at it. Maybe that would break down any semblance of order in our society, but it would make waiting for the Metro that much more interesting!

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DCSportsChick said...

Gee, I wonder who you're talking about...

"She loves pink jerseys?" Thanks a lot!